With roots in El Paso’s vibrant music scene, singer-songwriter Doug Preston has been shaping his musical narrative for decades. In the 90s, he honed his craft while playing in bands, setting the stage for a remarkable career. In 2002, Arizona’s creative allure beckoned, and Doug relocated to Mesa, further molding his musical identity.

Doug is a prolific collaborator, contributing his talents to numerous bands, including The Mineral Spirits, Cotton, Jesse Nova, Raul and the Reptiles, The Low Men, Mister Lucky, Ruca, El West, and the musical collective Scattered Melodies.

His creative spirit knows no bounds, evident in his collaborations with Track8 from El Paso, resulting in the 2020 release, “Hold On To The Sun.” Currently, Doug is working on exciting new projects set to unfold in 2024.

Live performances have been a cornerstone of Doug’s career, enchanting audiences across the Southwest United States. Highlights include appearances at the Arizona State Fair, the Sidepony Express Music Festival in Bisbee, and sharing stages with renowned acts like Flock of Seagulls, At The Drive In, American Aquarium, and Texas blues star Ian Moore, in addition to countless local acts.

In 2017, Doug embarked on a new chapter with the release of his debut solo record, a testament to his songwriting skills and musical evolution. 2023 marked a year of prolific creativity, with Doug releasing a new song every month, showcasing his dedication to his craft and his connection with his audience.

As 2024 unfolds, Doug Preston’s musical journey promises fresh, exciting projects. His commitment to storytelling through music and his unique ability to create melodies that resonate deeply with listeners foretell an exciting future for this seasoned artist.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in Doug Preston’s musical narrative as he continues to share his compelling stories with the world.