Jesse Nova, hailing from the historically vibrant town of El Paso, TX, a breeding ground for musical legends such as Bobby Fuller, Adam Duritz, and Stevie Nicks, emerged from a family not inherently musical, but one where Jesse’s siblings took up the musical mantle.

In collaboration with Ralph Vega and Ben Rivera, Jesse embarked on a musical journey, forming the band Kactus Juice. This marked Jesse’s transition from behind the drum kit to center stage as a vocalist. Kactus Juice earned its stripes, opening for renowned acts like The Toadies, Tragically Hip, Cake, and 311. Their performances graced iconic venues across the map, from New Orleans to Sacramento, Las Vegas to Los Angeles, San Francisco to San Diego, with a regular residency at Long Wong’s in Tempe, AZ. Kactus Juice thrived for eight years before its members charted their own paths.

Jesse’s quest led him to the vibrant city of New Orleans, where he finely honed his guitar skills and sharpened his songwriting craft. Returning to Tempe, AZ, the fruits of his labor culminated in the creation of his debut solo album, “Blue Period,” a collaborative effort with producers Don Bosse and Douglas Preston. After several fruitful years in the Phoenix area, Jesse journeyed back to El Paso, where he ventured into a more group-focused project, Sol Vox. The group embarked on a Southwest tour before Jesse’s desire for solo expression led him to San Diego.

Since then, Jesse has been enchanting audiences across Southern California while passionately crafting new music, promising an exciting continuation of his musical odyssey.

Listen to Blue Period HERE.